Why I’ve Stopped Arguing With The Left and ANTI-FA

Author: William Baumgarth

It has been over a year since Donald Trump announced his presidential run. That means that liberal pundits have been in hysterics for over a year. Living in New York, there is a ninety-nine percent chance that when I flip on the television, I’m going to hear the name “Trump.” Whether it be Rachel Maddow blowing off her never-ending steam, or Alec Baldwin doing terrible impersonations, both have a common enemy that they swore to defeat.

But why is Trump so hated by the left? Is it because he is anti-immigration, or is it because they genuinely believe he’s a woman-hater? I wager that it is neither, I wager that the left can’t stand Trump because Trump speaks like a common man. The left prefers a candidate who can bamboozle everyone with his/her rhetoric. A candidate who preaches about wealth  inequality while wearing a 12,000$ pantsuit. A candidate who is completely self-involved but pretends that their candidacy is in pursuit of “equality.”

I’m not saying that the left is entirely made up of bad people. In fact, I think most people are good people. I think most people want the country and its people to be in a good place. But I don’t think that the left thinks this is the case. If you disagree with any of their plans at all, you’re labeled a “racist, sexist, or bigot.”  They can not fathom the fact that maybe you don’t want to have 60% of your income taken by the government, because you would have donated 10% of your income to charity anyway. They believe the only way people can do good is if they force people to do that “good.”

This mindset brought about groups such as ANTI-FA. The” anti-fascist” movement. It goes to show you what a joke they really are, when they label Donald Trump to be a fascist. In fact, these same “ANTI-FA” jokesters are the ones harassing people. They are constantly punching bystanders on the street, but they must be good because they do so in the name of “equality and fairness.” Fascism is not that hard to combat, so when you’re punching people on the street because you think that they are “fascists” that need to be silenced, that makes you a fascist yourself.

Another trend I’m seeing from the left is the “resist” movement. What are you “resisting” exactly? Are you not paying taxes? By “resisting” I picture all these lefties covering their ears in front of their television sets when Donald Trump is speaking. Like a bunch of immature toddlers who have their feelings hurt whenever someone tells them something mean.

Whenever I try to have polite discourse with any of these people, they start arguing at decibles three times higher than they should be. But no matter how hard I try, I’m wrong because I’m simply “privileged and ignorant.” Which brings me to my next point, you’re not allowed to argue in their world. If you’re white, a male, or God forbid both, you can not have a say. That is unless you’re a white male who’s a leftist, because then you have already acknowledged the mistakes of your ancestors. But then again, I don’t think they believe this, I believe that they are trying to make their arguments stronger by silencing anyone who disagrees with them.

I love to share my experiences with people who do not agree with me. However, how is there supposed to be an understanding if genuine dialogue isn’t welcome?


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