Why Nationalism Is Great

Author: William Baumgarth

Nationalism, the left will tell you, is an evil, an evil that needs to be combated at all levels. They say that we are not citizens of a country, but rather citizens of the world.

First, what is nationalism? Nationalism is being patriotic and loving one’s country. It means putting your country and people above all other countries and peoples.

Nationalism leads societies to be happier. Denmark and Norway are consistently reported as the happiest countries. Socialists such as Bernie Sanders will tell you that the reason Denmark and Norway are so happy is that both have more social welfare programs. While I do agree that Denmark and Norway are more socialist than the United States, I think it’s ridiculous to suggest that they are happier because of these socialist policies. If the Norwegians could have less money deducted from their paychecks they would be even happier than they are now.

The reason Denmark and Norway are so happy is because both have strong cultural identities. They all share the same customs and traditions. They’re of the same religion, know the same songs, and eat the same kinds of food. Their pride in their culture leads them to live their lives as if they were one big family.

This observation can be noticed in areas within the United States as well. Places in the US that have a stronger sense of community and tradition are also the happiest places. New York is the opposite. There is no sense of community, and as a result New York City is consistently ranked as one of the most miserable places to live. People never say “hi” to one another, on the contrary when I visit Vermont, it is as if I’m in a utopia in comparison.

I think nationalism is so important because if one truly loves their country, they will want to improve upon it. True nationalism means putting aside what makes us different and instead putting in front our country and our people. Nationalism doesn’t mean blindly approving of every action your country takes. In fact, it means the opposite, to oppose your country when it does wrong because you love it enough that you want it to do right. If Hillary Clinton had won the election, I would have still been a nationalist, and the reason I cared about the election is because I am a nationalist.

Nationalism means hiring American and buying American. Nationalism means enacting policies that are in favor of Americans. Nationalism means volunteering to help the children of Detroit before volunteering to help the children of a foreign nation. Nationalism means America first. Nationalism means recognizing that American values and traditions are what brings us together. Nationalism means being proud that you are a member of this society, rather than a member of another. Nationalism means striving to be better out of love for one’s country.

In short, nationalism is the celebration of our similarities. It is the celebration of American values, traditions, and people. Nationalism is the celebration of our American uniqueness.


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