I’m A Hispanic Woman Who Supports Trump

Author: Maria Santana

Why I am a conservative, Hispanic female who recently voted republican for the first time…

I have lived in the South Bronx my entire life. The South Bronx was once known as Fort Apache, the Burning Bronx and other names. Fort Apache is one of the names given to the South Bronx because it was as if it were the Wild West with the amount of shootings and crimes. Burning Bronx because landlords knew they can receive huge sum of money by burning their properties down. There is a famous picture of former President Jimmy Carter visiting. It is the home to the poorest congressional district in the country and also the highest asthma rates in the country. It is also the birthplace of hip hop music. The South Bronx is filled with people who dream of a better life and better air quality.

Then there are those who succumbed to the pressures of life and turned to drugs, alcohol, gang affiliation and others. I grew up in the projects and presently reside there. I went to high school and graduated with a high school diploma. I went to community college and earned my Associate Degree in Liberal Arts. I am in a senior college and will earn my Bachelor of Arts Degree in History. I have not had much luck with my personal life because I prioritized my needs before anything. I was always told that education is the way to a better life. Money, beauty, property and other qualities or items can be taken away but not an education. As Judge Judy said once on her show to a plaintiff ‘pretty fades but dumb is forever’. I have ingrained myself with that mentality since childhood. I had the potential to be a 4.0 GPA student in college but never got to it because of financial troubles. Sometimes I would not have money to get to school or to eat but I still kept pushing myself. I remember the days that I would wait for someone to swipe me with a MetroCard. There were countless times that I wanted to drop out of college but I resisted the devil.

The point that I am trying to get across with this section is that I do not believe in the victim narrative. Many people before me such as myself have undergone adversities and people can either let it define them or not. I have been conditioned from elementary school beginning in 1993 until mid-2015 to blame the white man for every difficulty I have undergone. However, I do not recall people in my educational institutions protesting and physically blocking me while chanting “2, 4, 6, 8, we don’t want to integrate”. I have not seen that in my college either. This hatred of the white man is something that the public school education has and will continue to promote.

I have noticed that many first and second generation immigrants feel an obligation and owe them loyalty to the Democratic Party. When I ask a variety of first and second generation to ask them why they would vote left and the answer would be that the mainstream media has a huge influence on them. They are also influenced by Hollywood and academia. I have been dancing around the real answer and it is that they do not want to lose welfare benefits.  

A lot of what the left stands for is immoral and not Godly. Many of these issues include gay marriage, abortion, open borders, political correctness, anti-free speech etc. My problem with the left is they have their stances on their issues and if people disagree with any or all of those views, they will get ridiculed. The left is both hypocritical and disgusting group of people. They claim to be open minded and tolerant of everything purple hair, excessive tattoos, piercings, sexual promiscuity but God forbid you disagree with one of their views. I have been called all types of things for being a conservative and Hispanic but those that have called me names are the true racists. Do not forget that it was the Democratic Party that did not want to end slavery, passed Jim Crow laws, and established the KKK party, only two Democratic members of Congress voted for the Civil Rights Act of 1964. I am sipping my tea.

I had been paying very close attention to what is going on in Europe especially after many countries opened their doors to Syrian refugees. I have read of the crimes and behaviors of these Syrian refugees and the icing on the cake was when they burned down a Nutella and gummy bear factory because the camps ran out of them. I remember reading about a young Serbian boy getting raped in a swimming pool because his excuse was that he had a sexual emergency in Germany. I know of young women across Europe that have either been raped or molested by Syrian migrants. Many of these crimes are not necessarily committed by Syrian refugees but by mohammedans. Their book permits these types of acts to be committed to non-believers that are known as apes, pigs, kafir (male), kafira (female), filth and other terms. Crimes against infidels are permitted because they are not followers of allah. I knew that if Hillary Clinton would have won the presidency, this would have been the fate of America. Thankfully personalities such as Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Diamond and Silk, Ben Carson, Milo Yiannopoulos and others had convinced me that my decision to vote for Trump was valid. The WikiLeaks emails convinced me even more.

I was not always a conservative. I was a leftist and a devout one at that. I used to do the autistic screeching. I thought very low of conservative friends and associates. I am grateful that I slowly but surely saw the hypocrisy of the left. I thank God first and foremost because he had been active in my life. Ever since I had become a conservative, I have been provided with a better set of eyes. The things I once supported no longer matter. This transition began with the black lives matter movement.

Many of these kids that got shot by cops were criminals and more often than not these shootings were justified. Being that the mainstream media is controlled by the globalists, they perpetrated this victim narrative bull crap. BLM is headed by three lesbians who have no interest in creating black lives. These women are not even genuine about protecting black lives from law enforcement. These women did not even establish it but a man named George Soros. BLM is full of crap and I will demonstrate this. Over 90 percent of black males are killed by other black males. Do those black lives matter? There were more black babies aborted than born in 2012 in New York City. Do those black lives matter? What about the castrated blacks that are being sold as slaves in Libya and Saudi Arabia today. Do those black lives matter? Liberals, especially white ones who grow up in affluent neighborhoods, demonstrate against law enforcement and their alleged use of excessive force. Yet these liberals would not dare step the New York City neighborhoods of East Harlem, Bed-Stuy or Corona. Again this is the hypocrisy of the left that I have mentioned.

Globalism < Nationalism

P.S. I am not sorry that I have never been pregnant, or that I would choose marriage then a carriage, choose a career then establishing family, not wanting to rely on welfare to feed my future family, not supporting gay marriage and abortion which would support the globalist agenda of population control, the stupid idea of open borders that would lead to one world government…. I can go on….



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3 thoughts on “I’m A Hispanic Woman Who Supports Trump

  1. Saying things like this simply makes you sound uneducated:
    “Do not forget that it was the Democratic Party that did not want to end slavery, passed Jim Crow laws, and established the KKK party, only two Democratic members of Congress voted for the Civil Rights Act of 1964. I am sipping my tea.”
    Southern white racists were for decades “Democrats” (also referred to as Dixiecrats). This party favored states’ rights and social conservatism (sound familiar?). By comparison, Abraham Lincoln, the great old “Republican,” fought on the side of federal governance over states’ rights. Of course, this is an oversimplification: the two parties were essentially much closer in dogma and policy than they were dissimilar up until around the 60’s. Then they once again diverged in the 80’s with Reagan.
    White resentment in the south peaked after the civil rights act as it did after slavery’s prohibition. The Democrats, afraid to “cling to the past” adopted a more conciliatory approach towards civil rights. Southern Dixiecrats felt disillusioned and disenfranchised as their party embraced what was seen as a shameful defeat. This resentment was capitalized on by politicians like Nixon who were overt racists themselves. This notion that Democrats have a shameful past is true – if you completely ignore the fact that southern racists basically left the Democratic party en mass for the Republican party in the 60’s.
    Lines about Democrats being the party of the KKK might play well in echo chambers, but they make you look like ignorant to anyone with even a passing knowledge of American history and politics.
    Also, you’re not actually a Latina and that much is obvious to anyone who has perused your previous work. And if you are, and if that is you at the top of the article, I have some news for you: you are mixed blood and your ancestors might have some choice opinions on this article you wrote:


    1. Lol the history part was great and so on point 👏👏👏 and as for my ancestors do not worry about them. Multiculturalism does not mean that people have to be intermixed. You don’t I am Latina? Tbh you are mad that I am not a believer that I am oppressed. You white liberals are exactly the same as the white plantation slave owners. Why is it hard for you white libturds to accept that people of color do not believe in the victim narrative.


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