Trans Group Protests Gay Parade

Author: Enzo Quesada

Not a single week goes by without identity politics insanity. On my podcast, Trump Republic Radio, when we sort through a week’s worth of news, we end up cutting at least half of the crazy identity politics stories because of the sheer number of them. However, there have been some real beauties to behold.

At the moment, my personal favorite has to be the gay pride parade getting protested – not by fundamentalists, but by other gays. On Sunday, April 2nd of the current year, Phoenix Pride was throwing a parade. All was fine until they turned the corner and ran into Trans Queer Pueblo who blocked off the route carrying two large banners at the front of their group saying “No justice no pride” both in English and Spanish. Trans Queer Pueblo believes that gay rights activism isn’t finished at equal marriage but should continue into an immigration battle as there are LGBT illegal aliens. As if LGBT men and women of every race, creed and nation forged an unbreakable bond and enjoy camaraderie for the simple fact of being born the way they are.

The protesters, unsurprisingly, had many complaints. According to Trans Queer Pueblo, Phoenix Pride had too many white males, it was too much of a corporate party rather than a political protest, and that by welcoming the presence of supportive police officers they’re creating an atmosphere of fear for all of the black and brown LGBT. This is the insanity of intersectionality that plagues identity politics. It’s an all-or-nothing mentality, even if someone is gay but cannot perform the mental gymnastics to make racial and immigration issues part of LGBT issues, then he or she is a bigot who wants to oppress gay black and brown people.

One of my recurring guests, Kristoffer Ian Celera, is the one who broke this news on my show. He is somewhat of a minor internet star for his antics, which involves narrative busting. In the terms of Oppression Olympics, Kris is has a double whammy of being gay and a Filipino immigrant. The typical leftist tactic of calling someone a “racist” or a “homophobe” is a no sell on someone like Kris. This is why liberals, in particular, straight white ones, hate arguing with him. This allows Kris to continue the debate in order to expose collisions in their intersectional world view.

In the fall of 2015 at Texas State University, there was a large pro-choice demonstration, Kris, despite being pro-choice himself, decided to counter-protest. He held a sign that read “Afraid your baby might be gay? I support your choice to abort gay babies!” with a hashtag that read “prochoice4everychoice” underneath, all in a rainbow shirt nonetheless. Many liberals were provoked, emotionally defending LGBT babies from selective abortion. When someone tried to argue that there’s no way to tell if a fetus is gay, he used their words against them, saying that if they’re “born this way” then it is inevitable that future technology will provide and went on to explain the actual science to the group of art majors. He then went on to present more moral dilemmas such as like aborting your baby because it will have Down ’s Syndrome or because it would be part black. Some were forced to admit that they agreed with the message of his sign that a woman’s right to choose is absolute. A once united group of progressive allies were now hotly divided between those who oppose selective abortions and those who support all choices.

Back to Phoenix Pride, Trans Queer Pueblo didn’t find the warmest of reception to their message. The pride attendees shouted “Get out of our Pride!”, many argued with the protestors and some decided to call the police, which caused fear among the illegal alien protestors. The protesters seriously believed that they were in a “safe place” where their concerns won’t face criticism, much less law enforcement. The organizers of the protest now claim that “it is clear where Pride stands, and they’re not on the side of communities of color.” This is yet another example of exposing the myth that intersectionality would be enough to prevent a collision course in identity politics.

From looking at these two stories, is this a war without end? A war without peace? From the growing umbrella of intersectionality to the ignored divides among typically allied groups, there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. To end a war, one must be willing to make peace, in the political arena, peace talks are civil debate. The left needs to abandon this notion that one’s identity constitutes for strengthening an argument, or worse, substituting for for one. If left unchecked, liberals will never allow conservatives to the table nor will they settle dissent within their ranks. Logic, not labels, are how we will find peace.

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One thought on “Trans Group Protests Gay Parade

  1. Great commentary. Mental gymnastics, indeed. The intersectionality mumbo jumbo knows no end. Either stand for individual human rights, or fall for some divide n conquer technique.


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