Classical Vs Modern Liberal

Author: William Baumgarth

When a person is liberal, by definition, he/she believes that people should live their lives as they see fit. Modern liberalism does anything but “let people live their lives as they see fit.” Modern liberalism means that when someone performs an action contrary to tradition, we are supposed to approve.

Modern liberalism seems to suggest that if you don’t approve of a persons actions, you must be a bigot. We are all supposed to approve of and even encourage people to receive sex change operations. While I do not have anything against transexuals, I believe that it’s far from anything to promote. Modern liberals would call me a bigot for this stance. I believe that promoting transgenderism may convince some to receive the surgery, even though they really don’t want it. Maybe their problems could have been addressed in therapy or by a psychiatrist. I’m not saying we should make fun of transgenders or harm them at all. I’m simply saying that transitioning isn’t “normal,” and can lead to many consequences if the person wasn’t fully aware of the risk.

We can’t force acceptance upon people. Even “normal” and “privileged” people aren’t accepted by everyone. Not everyone is going to love everyone, and trying to force people who aren’t comfortable around transexuals to be comfortable only drives more discomfort into these people.

Another very controversial topic that modern liberals have the same mentality in is abortion. I believe it was Lena Dunham who said that “she wished she had had an abortion.” The new DNC chair also recently excluded any potential pro-life Democrats from being contenders in the 2020 presidential elections. This is clearly stepping over the line and making abortion go from legal to encouraged.  In my moral opinion, abortion is wrong. I think it is an unfortunate situation, and I know many woman wish they hadn’t done it. I can not put myself in the shoes of these woman, and I will never understand what drove them to do so. But, we can not “ban” abortion, this will only lead to unwanted children, and illegal abortions. I believe that if you have an abortion, that was your decision.

Classical liberalism is the belief that others have a right to live a life they see fit, but classical liberalism does not dictate how your feelings should be towards said the said life. Classical liberalism is the true form a liberalism because it expresses that someone should be able to do something, as long as that someone isn’t hurting anyone and/or violating property rights. Classical liberalism could care less if you burned your eyes out with acid to go blind, because that was your decision.

I’m also a paleo-libertarian, before anyone freaks out, let me explain what that means. It means that I believe Christian values are the best values. They have worked for my family, and many families before me. I am not, however, forcing my Christian beliefs onto anyone else. If you want to break tradition, be my guest, but do not try to force these beliefs onto me as if they are a better set of values than the ones I originally had. When one tries to force morality onto another they can no longer be called liberals, but instead, dictating authoritarians.

Please modern liberals, give us our name back. You believe in state-mandated morality which is far from “liberal.” The classical liberals on the other hand believe in absolute liberty, a liberty that is free from any moral dictatorships.



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