No I Will Not Use “Gender-Neutral” Pronouns

Author: William Baumgarth

For those who do not know what gender-neutral pronouns are, gender-neutral pronouns are pronouns that “non-binary” people use. Non-binary means not being a man or woman, but instead being somewhere in between the spectrum of the the two.

I remember first hearing about gender neutral pronouns when Harvard “embraced” them. Instead of using pronouns such as “he” or “she,” you’re supposed to use pronouns that make less “assumptions.” They included a short list of pronouns such as ze, zhe, hir, they, theirs, and hirs. At first, I thought it was a joke that was never to gain any traction in the public eye. I was obviously wrong.

In New York City, you can now be fined for not using gender neutral pronouns. That’s right, you can now be punished for speaking english in the correct manner. This law is called the “New York City Human Rights Law.” This is a direct attack on the first amendment. Once again, it is not a “human right” to not have your feelings hurt.

It’s not as if I’m an asshole either, if I see someone is a transgender I will call them by what they transitioned into. This is easy to do, and I do so out of respect. However, I should not be required by law to do so. If someone wishes to call me a “she” he/she can do so.

What is a pronoun? It’s an easy way to address a person. If a woman went to the park, “she went to the park.” If a man went to the museum, you would say “he went to the museum.” However, if you claim that there fifty six genders, that’s fifty six gender pronouns I now HAVE to remember? That’s a big jump from the two we normally use in the english language. If there are as many pronouns as there are names, why would I ever use a pronoun? Why are there fifty six genders? Because the person who came up with that number was too bigoted to include fifty seven genders.

It is simply unnatural to refer to a single person as “they.” Now you can be fined if you don’t say “they is going to eat.” I do not understand how you can be a “they.” Are you multiple people? I understand the concept of a man becoming a woman and vice versa. I’m also aware that there are feminine men, and masculine woman, however, how can you be something that doesn’t exist? How can you feel that you’re a gender that you made up?

I do not think that this is a fight for justice, I think that this is a fight for power. People who use gender-neutral pronouns want to have the power of getting you into legal trouble. These people do not crave a good world, but rather a paranoid world, in which everyone has to watch his/her language at all time. These people desire to have complete control of you and do, because if you slip up, they will make sure you are exiled and bankrupt. They think that they are gifts to the world, and that the only thing that is of any value is their feelings.

I argue that this will hurt people who don’t deserve it, mainly trans people who are opposed to this sort of legislation. Now businesses may interview a very qualified transgender candidate, and not hire him/her out of fear of a lawsuit.

To not have your feelings hurt is not a human right. People are constantly having their feelings hurt. Whether that be every day, every month, every year, etc., but not every single person is asking for legislation to not have their feelings hurt. In this world, words such as fat, lazy, ignorant, stupid, dumb, ugly, etc. would all be banned. This would not be a world of free expression, but rather a world of anger and hatred. That’s why similar legislation to NYC’s must be defeated.

Canada is trying to pass Bill C-16. Bill C-16 criminalizes any “hate propaganda” directed towards transgender people. This, in effect, would ban any discourse similar to the one contained in this article. This would silence people who have a different point of view, and cause people to live in a constant state of fear. It becomes law if it is approved at its third senate at its third reading. I urge all Canadians to go out and fight this legislation, before it becomes too late to even question it.

We can not let our governments censor our freedom of speech. Almost any opinion of any substance can be considered “hateful propaganda” to a person of a different opinion. It is time to end this attack on our freedom of expression. Otherwise we let others dictate the way we should live our lives.


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