Property Rights Are The Only Rights

Author: William Baumgarth

I will often hear people from the left leaning side of the political aisle saying things such as “healthcare is a human right” or that “education is a human right.” I do not believe this to be the case and in fact I think it is a form of slavery.

When one says that services are a human right, he/she is implying that person is entitled to another person’s labour. This means that doctors and nurses HAVE to treat a patient because “healthcare is a human right,” or that teachers HAVE to teach students because “education is a human right.” Why should a person HAVE to take the time out of their day to perform a service for someone else? Unless they are performing this service voluntarily, this would be considered slavery.

Besides, what proof is there that anyone’s services are the rights of others? People went centuries without a public school system, and centuries without universal healthcare. The only rights that human beings have are property rights.

A violation of property rights is the underlying factor in every crime that can be justifiably called a crime. Something that can be justifiably called a crime, is something that harms another human being in a way. For instance, everyone has a right not to have their things stolen, as a result, theft is justifiably illegal.

Property rights extend past items as well. You, as a human being, own your own person. This means that when you’re raped, someone invaded your property rights. You did not give he/she the permission to deface your property. If you are killed, someone violated your property rights. You did not give anyone the rights to destroy your property. If you’re enslaved, someone violated your property rights. You did not give anyone the rights to steal your property. Therefore, slavery, murder, rape, and theft of goods are all human rights, or property rights violations.

To not have your feelings hurt, is not one of your rights. You do not “own” your feelings, feelings are something that come to you. It is not a property right to have someone make you happy. In fact, insisting this to be the case is another form of slavery,

Property rights are the true litmus test to whether or not something is violating your human rights. Can smoking pot be considered a crime, considering you did not smoke it on a strangers or unwilling party’s lawn? I say no, it did not violate anyone’s property rights. In fact, you stayed within the premises of your own property.

You do not have the rights to someone else’s labour. This is slavery, and a violation of other’s property rights. The only true rights you have are to not have your own property rights violated. It might all seem very limiting, however, there is great freedom in knowing that everything you do, you do by choice.


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