Smaller Government Is Better Government

Author- William Baumgarth

It seems as if people today are coming up with more ways that the government can be used as an instrument for causes they see to be “beneficial.” Whether it be socialized medicine or welfare programs, more people are starting to see the government as a safety net.

However, what I find ironic is that the same people who want the government to solve all the world’s problems, also think that the current government is evil. The only way for the government to solve all the world’s problems, is on the contrary, to make it bigger and more powerful. In fact, big government advocates will ironically tell you that the government “doesn’t work,” the way it is now. When asked for the solution, they will tell you that the solution is to get the government more involved. This to me sounds like consecutively going all in at a poker table, and losing every time.

The problem is that big government advocates are very similar to heroin addicts, chasing a high they will never receive. The solution will always be “more,” and if the solution didn’t work the previous time, they will try again. If you ever mention the failures of socialism or communism, it will always be “fake” communism or socialism. The only way to have a “real” communism or socialism is to have “good people” running the government.

Let’s be real, there is no superman who is going to implement “real” communism or socialism. Big government advocates complained that Obama “couldn’t get anything done” because of those damn republicans. However, they don’t see the irony when someone they don’t like is in office. They are probably now relieved that the government can’t have its way whenever it wants. However, as soon as someone they want is in power, they will quickly go back to the “government should promote whatever I want without any checks and balances” mentality.

Government is also ineffective that solving world problems. In fact, wars just escalate problems and create more tensions. Even something with good intent, such as socialized medicine, is dangerous. Big government advocates will often say that government needs to be in charge of researching and finding different medicines and cures. However, the private sector is much better at this. If we socialized medicine, we would have to focus on a handful of diseases. However, in the open market,  many diseases are being researched at a time, because there is a demand. Not only that, but the cures and treatments are found quicker and more cost effectively because of incentive. The only way that the government could research all of the diseases at once is if they forced all of the scientists to work for them, and if they did this, there would be decreased incentive to find the cures/treatments.

The most important thing I think is that smaller government allows individuals to flourish. The less power the government has, the less obstacles a person has to go through to succeed. Entrepreneurship lifts people out of poverty, not government. Poverty stricken countries often have strict regulations that prevent people from opening businesses, when if fact businesses would improve these countries tenfold.

All in all, it is the individual who can help the individual. More government takes the power away from people, and into the hands of a powerful few. The question is ask is who do you trust more, yourself or others?


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