If You Hate Trump Then Why Are You Obsessed With Him?

Author- William Baumgarth

I don’t remember the last day I didn’t hear the name “Trump.” Ever since Trump announced he was running for president in June 2015, he has been talked about non-stop. NBC, CNN, ABC, Fox, and even Comedy Central have been turned into twenty four hour versions of Trump news.

The strange thing is that it seems that liberals or people that “hate him” seem to talk about him the most. The front page of Reddit always seems to have a couple of anti-Trump stories, and there are even groups dedicated to the sole purpose of fighting Trump.

Trump completes the lives of Trump haters. They simply can not get enough of him. They claim he’s an idiot, yet they pay attention to every tweet he makes. They claim he’s a bigot, yet they watch news stories about him 24/7. It’s as if they have fallen in love with their captor, a kind of Stockholm Syndrome.

Trump seems to give his haters a purpose in their life. Without him I’m not sure the resistance groups would have much to do, if anything at all. He’s their perfect enemy, something out of a movie, the perfect nemesis.

The ironic thing is that they don’t realize that their overreaction is precisely what got Trump elected. They don’t realize that by calling the outspoken man “Hitler,” they get more and more Americans to vote for him. Every move he makes is like a severe earthquake, and every word he utters is the end of the world. If the liberals were smart, they would completely ignore him.

The left sees Trump as an all-power demon creature. They think that he has power over all culture and all action. People think that he has more power than he actually does, which in fact contributes to his power. The presidency is a fiat concept, the only reason the presidency comes with any power is because people think it does.

When Barack Obama was president, I wasn’t a fan. However, the fact that Obama was president didn’t affect any aspect of my life. He was simply president of the United States, it didn’t mean that I was under his control.

The left, on the other hand, thinks that the president is essentially like God. This is why so many people got satisfaction in casting their ballot for Trump. In all honesty, Trump supporters don’t think that Trump has as much power as the left does. That’s why its quite funny to see people depressed about something that doesn’t affect their lives as much as they think it does. Your happiness isn’t dependent upon the executive branch of government, unless you want it to be.

If you hate Trump but can’t stop talking about him, you’re just reinforcing the idea that he is an all powerful God-like person. If all the comedy you watch is based off of Trump, then it proves you are so affected by him that you need a constant comic relief. If you aren’t dating because of Trump, it proves you are a weak individual who lets a man who you never met dictate your emotion.

What happens to the Trump haters when Trump is no longer in office? Will they have any passion left, or will they be sad when he leaves because he’s someone they love to hate? My advice to them is to find another hobby, because after eight years they might never find one they are this passionate about ever again.



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