The Fabrication Of Roe V. Wade

Author- Maria Santana

The first time I learned about abortion was through a middle school assignment. I was a member of a group where I had to defend the landmark Supreme Court decision of Jane Roe, et al v. Henry Wade, District Attorney of Dallas County 410 U.S. 113 in 1973. Please think about that for a moment. At the age of 14 years old had to defend abortion although at that age I did not know how to think or feel.

Today one can conduct an internet research of the landmark ruling in a prominent search engine that is elitist controlled and will give the usual facts of the case. But if one knows anything about the liberal elites and Democrats, they are sneaky and deceitful. Jane Roe whose real name was Norma L. McCorvey was a 21 year old woman who discovered that she was pregnant in 1969 with her third child. Through her friends, she fabricated and lie that she had been raped. At the time, Texas state laws permitted for victims of rape and incest to receive abortions. This scheme by McCorvey would fail since there was no police report to serve as evidence of her rape claim. Nonetheless this act by McCorvey would change the history of the United States regarding the abortion issue forever.

McCorvey was a young woman with two children already who lived under extreme poverty and had drug abuse issues. In desperation, McCorvey tried to obtain an illegal abortion but discovered that the facility had been closed down by police. Linda Coffee and Sarah Weddington, attorneys in the state of Texas,  were referred to McCorvey where they decided to challenge the state’s anti-abortion law. Coffee was a member of the Women’s Equity Action League, a progressive organization that wanted women to attain equal employment opportunities. Weddington, also a progressive, had become pregnant during her time as a law student and obtained an abortion in Mexico. Due to her own personal experiences, Weddington volunteered to help McCorvey who was then provided the legal alias Jane Roe.

Although it was not stated in the case, McCorvey did not cite rape as the reason she had become pregnant in court documents and had given birth even before the landmark decision. McCorvey became a pro choice advocate considering she had given birth. Her life partner, who was another woman lasted many years until she had a chance encounter with a Roman catholic priest. It was through him that she became a born again Christian that she became a pro life activist. She also regretted the fact that she allowed herself to be used as a tool to empower the progressive left that led to the legalization of abortion. McCorvey has been outspoken about the harms and dangers of big abortion in the world.

During her lifetime, McCorvey was a co-author two books: I am Roe and Won by Love. Both of these books were written when McCorvey transitioned from being pro-choice to pro-life. She has also been featured in a documentary titled Lake of Fire that deals with the abortion issue in America. McCorvey died earlier this year and her case is studied across the country. This case matters for a multitude of reasons but it would depend on your feelings regarding abortion.


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