Why The Left Is Still Status Quo, And How The Right Can Fight Back

Author- Vladimir Zark

Politics has a sort of slippery slope. It’s funny, but completely makes sense when you break everything down by cause and effect. Let the Left go crazy for some 50 years, and suddenly you lose control of the schools, of your children, of religious values, of traditionalism, of nationalism, and everything else that’s good about the Right. Today, we look into a very important and concerning point: even with the election of Donald Trump, even with everything in the control of Republicans, even with the advent of alternative media and the alt-right and young conservatives, we seem to see how, in all aspects of the real world, we don’t quite have the power. Why is the Left still in control, and why are bad arguments and ideologies spouted time and time again, everything moving in mundane and insulting repetitions? Let us find this out.

Problem: They control us through conformity and fear

The Left’s methods are effective because it bullies everyone who disagrees with it. Through a mixture of social pressure and outright intimidation, the Left’s goals are to convert everyone to the religion of progressivism, to instill in them the values of ‘equality’, ‘tolerance’, ‘diversity’, ‘secularism’, ‘science’, and so on, and to do away with that awful wrongthink called conservatism. You look to see what your friends are sharing, and you see that the content is standard leftist fare. You look to see what’s on the news, and you see that the news is interested only in attacking Trump or anything that could remotely be an extension of him. Your conversations are watered down with that blue-pill feeling of ‘political correctness’, since you aren’t able to say anything that could even slightly be construed as racist, insensitive, or offensive to someone somewhere somehow. Anyone can label you, anyone can report you to someone, ostracize you, exclude you from friend circles, parties, and other social advantages. 1984 was meant to be a warning, yet the Left misunderstood it as a manifesto.

Can I apply to graduate school to obtain a PhD in philosophy, as I intend to do, with an explicit conservative agenda? Not if I want to be accepted anywhere. Am I white? Yes. Should I fear that people in my liberal school look at me differently because I’m both conservative AND white? Yes. There are over 37,000 students at Hunter College. I know 10 conservatives. But that’s systematic, obviously. It’s made that way to make you fear. Fear is on the side of the Left, no matter whether they’re winning or losing. A Leftist woman, especially if she’s a feminist, can always claim harassment and get away with a false accusation of rape or sexual assault. She has the power of fear on her side. You don’t want to come close to a leftist/feminist girl, not even think about her. You’re afraid, as a man, that something will sway the odds in her favor, and you’ll suffer jail time even if you’re innocent, while she gets no punishment. You’re afraid, as a white man, to have students complain about you, whether you’re a fellow student or a professor. That’s why white men who are professors, grad students particularly, are getting more and more afraid to approach the material they teach in an honest way. I’ve taken enough English and Philosophy classes (those being my majors) to know that the teachers of those subjects are forced to take upon a very PC and dishonest view of what they teach – and they’re miserable for it. I talk to my more progressive friends with a mask, only engaging the ones who are truly open-minded and inquisitive – most of them are not worth engaging on the subjects of conservatism in any sense. So, where there is a presence of strong leftist tendencies, there is an informational barrier, a rift between truth and untruth. You can no longer see things as they are because your friends will be outraged, or your teachers will ask you to leave the room, or you’ll simply not be admitted into certain colleges. Conformity and fear are crushing things.

Solution: The only substantial way to fight against conformity and fear is to not accept the conditions placed. This is a risky position because it can cost us our reputation, either in college or in the workforce. However, it is the only genuine resolve. You cannot be pragmatic with the Left, bargaining about what you can and can’t say, or what you should or shouldn’t do for underprivileged minorities: they are power-hungry animals, and seize every admission of guilt like a fresh kill. They are not reasonable people. I’ve dealt with them, tried everything in my power to have them see what I see – but generally, their ideological filter is too strong, too overbearing, and they have no sympathy for my efforts. However, when you reject their so-called boundaries and laws, you realize how pathetic they really are! These moralists, who were ruining your self-esteem with words like ‘racist’ and ‘bigot’, start to realize that your self-esteem has blotted them out. Now the parasite has been dislodged. It must find a new host before it’s too late. That is the key. Do not respond to their insults with your own – only argue the point, and if they don’t listen, do not engage them further. If they threaten you, simply ignore them or let your friends stand up for you. Strength in numbers is something that conservatives have a problem with, but in fact it is the greatest virtue we have. We are stronger.

Problem: They are in control of the media and educational institutions

This issue is more intense than the previous one. Social conformity and bullying can sort of be dealt with, but what do you do when all the news you receive and the education you’re exposed to have a leftist agenda behind them? I find this especially challenging because the Left was very smart to do this, and the Right never thought of stopping them before it was too late. According to a Washington Times article, the ratio of professors who are democrats to those who are republicans in the top 40 universities in the country is approximately 12 to 1. This is considering the southern states! It’s obvious that if you only considered for states like New York and California, the ratio would increase to 50 to 1, at least. It would not be so bad if the material that was taught was useful and shaped a healthy mind, but consider the amount of anti-American, anti-conservative, anti-white rhetoric that we’re being implanted with! I’ve been through 3 years of this. Marxist this, postcolonial that, feminist here, queer/lesbian/gay there. Where’s the conservative studies class?

Eventually you realize that they’re not really educating you at these colleges – they’re just trying to use NLP (neurolinguistic programming) to make you an obedient political whipping slave. They want you, out of your own free will, to accept the unacceptable: that these things are normal and all else is not. Two of my professors last semester were Marxists. They’re not bad people, not at all, but their views reflect no desire to talk about, much less endorse, any position but their own. That’s why the material they teach is focused on Marxism, the shortcomings of capitalism, the prospects of a utopia like Scandinavia. They do not like this country. And you can imagine the lovely selection of courses at a progressive place like Hunter. Okay, what do I want to take for an English class? Hmm, here’s… transgender poetry!? What the hell is that? Okay, another look… what!? A course called “The Abolition of Whiteness”!? And so on and so on. I’m not lying to you, either. Those are real courses taught by real people with real degrees. Whether it is straight out of an absurdist fantasy is irrelevant now, since it’s as real as anything else. And what do we do about the media, about fake news, about yellow journalism? What I’m doing right now is a sort of yellow journalism, but I’m not a multi-billion dollar news agency that has a reach of millions every day. I’m an encouraged person with a desire to help people out. Furthermore, there is proof that companies like CNN are directly pushing certain narratives, like the Trump-Russia scandal, to garner as many clicks and views and dollars as they can get their hands on. There is proof that the media is against Trump and conservatives, against free speech, against the general public, even. And why wouldn’t they be? They are maximizing their revenue by doing this with such brazen certainty. They’re betting ‘all in’ even if they have a few chips left. The problem is that this makes them deadly to any curious, inquisitive person who actually wants the truth. A person like me will talk about politics in an English classroom, and all I’ll hear is the humdrum buzz of “don’t you realize he’s a racist?” after having heard that I voted for Trump. They have selective hearing. Their head is plugged into the hive-mind matrix-like nexus known as Leftism, and to disengage would be to die. It’s quite a shame, since I’m sure I watched CNN 4-5 years ago and didn’t even see something close to that. I needed news, and where was I to get it? Now, only the alternative media can give me my info. I’m not a huge fan of Alex Jones, but you can bet your bottom dollar that I’d much rather watch him than CNN or MSNBC. But the Left knows it’s powerful, and they are not intent on letting go. We cannot let them win this most important war.

Solution: The only way to beat the Left here is to stand against their media and reject the ideologies given in schools. You do not need to watch CNN or MSNBC. You do not need to believe what is told to you by your professors. If you are really a brave soul, you can even run your own media and have your own politics groups on campus. My friends and I hope to open a conservative club sometime soon at Hunter. The last time such a thing existed at Hunter was 8 years ago, and it was closed down by angry students. Remember: it matters very much where you get your information from and what kind of information it is. This applies not only to the news, but even more so to your ideology. If you’re a conservative, you have taken upon certain morals and values that reflect a conservative’s, such as individualism and love for country. If you are forced to read people like Karl Marx, Malcolm X, and Ta-Nehisi Coates, you will think that America is hateful, racist, and classist. You have to read people who push you to love yourself and your conservatism, like Ayn Rand and Thomas Sowell and Adam Smith.

Problem: The Left is destroying your country and you can do nothing

This is one of the most severe problems we face. The global elite are using leftist ideology to manipulate people and start conflicts where no one wants them. It is endorsing open-border policies to allow in unskilled migrants, many of whom carry anti-West ideologies with them. This is not only the case in America, and is in fact much more applicable to Europe. We’ve all heard about the tragedies in Germany, Sweden, France, even the U.K. now… tragic. And everyone who has done a little bit of research will know the name George Soros. There’s a reason for this. He’s responsible for the open-door policy in parts of Europe. He gives enormous funds to Black Lives Matter. He’s partially responsible for the collapse of Europe. And why would anyone want the collapse of Europe? It’s simple, really – the white race is the only source of prosperity left. If we destroy them, we gain the last bastion of freedom. If we confuse everyone so much that suddenly the real victims are actually perpetrators, and vice versa, we get the formula for leftist takeover. Now, there’s no connection between world domination and leftist values, in my view. It’s just been proven to work as a tool of suppression. Convince the people that they’re all one collective blob who must help out the victim, convince them that they have no identity, convince them that they’re the racist ones for calling out the epidemic of rapes and murders – and they’re broken. They now walk with a broken back. This is also why leftism is used to dissolve traditionalism, why feminism is pushed so fervently – the closer you are to the complete and utter breakdown of the family, the closer you are to world domination. If you can control the one thing that keeps people living on – a spouse and kids – you can control their future. It is horrific.

Solution: There is no way around it. The only solution that combats the systematic destruction of your country is to take immediate action. Do you see members of Anti-FA destroying public property? Knock them the hell out. Do you see BLM activists and feminists advocating for a nonsense issue? Argue with them and try to educate them on a more nuanced way of seeing the world. There is no recourse. You cannot passive-aggressively sit around and twiddle your thumbs while the entire world goes to hell. You must love your country. If you love your country, then you must fight. So what if you die? You will have done a great service. These cretins want to take away our civil liberties and prevent us from questioning our crazy world. To hell with that. I will not stand for it, and you shouldn’t either. Vote for candidates that will change this dreadful status quo. Call your local politicians and share your concerns. The world is at the brink, and you must change it. You cannot wait any longer, or the world will collapse before your very eyes. You have the right to bear arms, remember that. You can shoot them. If it comes to wartime, and it might, that’s all you’ll have left.

Problem: It’s easier to be on the Left

Here’s a really fundamental and often overlooked point, one I’ll conclude this lengthy article with. The Left is not the status quo simply because it intimidated its way to power, or because it somehow won over the schools and news media. Those are no more than a noticeable, but minor piece of the political jigsaw puzzle. The Left is ideologically easier and less committal to be part of than its counterparts of libertarianism and conservatism, with the degree of difficult increasing the more Right you go. Think about the arguments for liberalism, even in the classical era. Are you for equality? You’re a liberal and a feminist. Are you for affirmative action and universal healthcare? You’re a social liberal. Are you for the rights of underprivileged minorities and LGBTQIAP+ folks? You’re a progressive. So, they slap you in their desired categories based on one or two things you agree with on their side. Suddenly, everyone’s on the Left, and there begins the conformity and social pressures, since nobody wants to be an outlier. If everyone was conservative, wouldn’t the roles be reversed? But let’s assume you’re not for equality. I’m not. I don’t think that people can be fundamentally be made equal by any means, even if they have the same political rights and financial access – isn’t it obvious that we’re constituted differently? And let’s assume that you’re not for affirmative action. I’m not. I don’t think it is fair that a black student gets 1950 on the SAT and gets admitted into the same Ivy League school where an Asian student has to score 2250. I’m not denying that 1950 is a good score, or taking anything away from the black student – I just see it as a form of positive racism. But that requires critical thinking, something the Right has somehow taken away from the Left. You know, the Left has a stereotypical reputation of being the place of ‘intellectuals’. Somehow, the fact that atheism is more popular among the Left indicates that there are much smarter people over there. Somehow. Yet belief in God is the sign of some uncultured working-class guy in Arkansas? Well, if you go to Hunter College, probably. Remember, everyone’s taught Marxism here, an anti-religion ideology. Marx had famously said that religion is “the opiate of the masses”. Oh, but it depends on what religion, because if you’re a Muslim, there’s no problem. Surely, you get the pass. That’s the one thing about leftism and why it’s easier to be on the Left. If you’re a minority, a woman, or a radical communist ideologue, you can be a protected class. You can preach hatred and bigotry all you like, since no one’s going to call you the racist or the bigot (note: out of fear), and no one will threaten you. Why is being on the Right considerably more difficult? Well, if you’re an active conservative, your protected status fades away. You are now the same prey for the hunter as any white male. You’re afraid again. But that’s what takes so much courage, not being on their side out of principle. The Left is powerful because it has ways of enticing us. It will tell us that we can be cute little ‘allies’ of feminists, on the side of social justice, fighting to dissolve that terrible patriarchy that oppresses absolutely everyone. The Left will call us racist and sexist and homophobic as a substitute for actual argument, demonstrating that the Left doesn’t adhere to the same standards as the Right. And everyone on the Left seems nice. They are nice, even kind people sometimes. The problem is they’re delusional to the point of brain damage. The Left situates itself as the morally superior political platform, yet everything they do is patronizing and vindictive. It just goes to show that being a Leftist is like not having responsibilities – you can be a child again, with no responsibilities and lots of fun. You can call everyone an idiot, point fingers, laugh – what can they do? You’re just a Leftist, after all. You’re an oppressed minority, and you can point fingers and laugh. You’ll rail on white privilege all the time, yet your family makes five times as much as the family of the white guy you’re insulting. And that’s completely normal, because you’re just a leftist.

Solution: Do not accept the temptation of the Left. It is a coddling religion. It is engineered for people who have never done any hard work in their lives. It will coax you by telling you all these buzzwords and reminding you of your moral duty to your oppressed kinsfolk who are in the same college as you, receiving literally the same quality of education – and financial aid – as you. And it will instill guilt in you if you resist. It will, like a mosquito, bite you and suck your blood until you slap it the hell off. The conservative has to be free from this. He has to remember why he joined the Right, why he detests the Left with such passion, why he isn’t a braindead machine who parrots rhetoric the way they do. And he has to be proud, most of all, of his heritage and upbringing and education, no matter what his race, what his skin color, what his financial background, what his political position – because those things determine nothing about you. Only your words, actions, and convictions truly affect who and what you are.

Do not fear the Left, my friends. It is a cancer, and it knows it. The people who endorse the Left are ugly, narcissistic, unpleasant, antisocial, manipulative, and just all-around detestable. They are always lying, always looking for underhanded ways to gain an advantage, always trying to shame their dissenters. You are beyond this, and you know it in your patriotic, self-loving heart. All the best.


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