Leftists Have The Most Privilege

Author- William Baumgarth

If you clicked on this article, I’m sure you are aware of all of the privileges that leftists accuse everyone else of having. Whether it be white privilege, income privilege, or ableist privilege. However, the leftists seem to forget all of the privileges that they have.

Leftists have taken virtue signaling to the extreme, and so far it has worked for them. Every single policy they propose is done out of “the goodness of their hearts.” This means that every policy, whether or not it is horrible, will be seen as good intentioned. The outcome doesn’t matter either, if the policy fails, it is okay, because at least they were trying to fix a mistake. However, if a libertarian or conservative tries to fix a problem by slashing regulation, it is because he/she is evil and bought off by big corporations. It doesn’t matter if the slash in regulations creates a prosperous outcome, because according to the main stream media, it was evil to cut those regulations.

The left has taken virtue signaling to such a hypocritical level as well. They are all seen as environmental activists, people who truly care for the earth and its health. As a result, leftists were up in arms when Trump refused to sign the Paris Climate Agreement. They took to the streets to protest this decision, with big, colorful posters, truly virtue signaling and showing the main stream media that “they care.” However, when the protest finished, the streets where these protests were happening were littered with garbage, empty water bottles, and abandoned posters. The left doesn’t care about the environment, it’s just that they’ve convinced everyone (even some on the right), that they do care. I’ve seen the staunch difference between people on the right, who don’t litter and also don’t tell people about how much they “love” earth, and the leftists, who only care that people think they care about earth. And it seemed to have worked, people see the hypocrite leftists as some kind of heroes. They have the privilege of always seeming to have the best of intentions, despite the facts.

Another privilege leftists have is that they don’t have to listen to people they disagree with. People on the right have hollywood, TV, and the mainstream media giving them a steady liberal narrative all day long. However, what does a leftist do when someone on the right is about to express their opinion? They protest. When Milo Yiannopoulos came to UC Berkley, the leftists made sure that he couldn’t speak, otherwise they would have sentenced him to death. The same with Ann Coulter, she wasn’t allowed to speak because of fear of violence breaking out. However, it is the right who is seen as “violent,” while the left are just “naive kids.” The left are even allowed to threaten to “blow up the white house,” like Madonna did, without much punishment. In other words, in addition to not having to listen to people they disagree with, they also have the privilege of threatening violence against those they don’t agree with.

Being leftist means that you have the privilege of being able to both fight against racism, and be a racist yourself. Leftists are always accusing people of being racist towards blacks and hispanics, but leftists are completely fine with being racist towards white people because “reverse racism doesn’t exist.”

Leftists have the privilege of being able to spread their message wherever, and whenever. They are allowed to say whatever they want, wherever, because they do not have to be scared of creating controversy. In our society the only controversial views are the ones that come from the right. The leftists can brainwash their students with liberal propaganda, including showing their fourth grade classes Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth” (happened to me), but if a teacher talks about why he’s a Republican, he risks getting fired.

It is time to stop seeing leftists as “bleeding hearts,” who are too naive to understand the weight of their actions. It is time to start seeing leftists as master manipulators and virtue signalers. We need to realize that virtue signaling is an instrument leftists use in order to convince everyone else that they’re the “good guys,” but I won’t buy into it any longer.


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