The Attack on Men and Western Civilization

Author- Vladimir Zark

Men are at the center of every functional social structure. Though women are certainly essential for the preservation of any society, it is the men whose fate will shape the fate of a nation. I don’t wish to make any sexist implication when I make this point – what I am gesturing at is that the anti-West agenda, which seeks to deconstruct Western civilization and democratic values, has targeted men as the victims of a brutal, systematic, and unstoppable attack. In this piece, I’ll seek to demonstrate why this is the case, why I’m singling out men, and why we need to be careful about the implications of this meticulous plan.

You may seek to call me a misogynist as you’re reading this article, or you may simply call me a paranoid ideologue who will blindly defend and justify the existence of men – that is irrelevant to me. Men are the sustainers, and have always been. In simpler times, men had to hunt for food, and what they killed and brought home prolonged the survival of their family another day. As times went on, men did most of the difficult agricultural and industrial labor, mostly by virtue of their physical prowess. Much of our great philosophy and most of our prized inventions are attributed to ingenious men.Today, 76% of those in STEM are men, 89% of practicing engineers are men, 70% of physicians are men, 86% of Fortune 500 CEOs are men, and about 84-91% of math professors in the top 100 universities in the country are men. Again, mind what I’m saying here. I have no prejudices against women. Women dominate many invaluable fields, including nursing, education, psychology, English, and they are slowly equalizing in law.I am simply illustrating the immense value of men to the evolution and preservation of society. Now let’s proceed to the modern day.

Many of our progressive countries, owing to their feminist tendencies and even gynocentric urges, have challenged so-called patriarchal manhood with the intention of destroying it, or at least reforming it for the worse. In becoming obsessed with this framework, these nations have made male self-expression and male identity very difficult to understand or embrace.Feminist thinking in the academic spheres, in its initially noble goal of liberating women from blatant inequality, has become so entrenched in our schools and in society that womanhood has effectively overshadowed manhood. One can call this an ‘unfortunate accident’, a ‘trickle effect’ of the feminist paradigm, but it’s undeniable that the manner in which our nations have swallowed this pro-woman narrative has contributed to an uncontrollable anti-man one. I have no problem with critiquing patriarchy, but I have a severe issue with the blatant blame game that feminists play when it comes to men, especially white men, as though they are all part of a complicated conspiracy to bring women down – clearly, the opposite is true, since women have many unspoken privileges which men do not have in our society, which leads to men distrusting our system. These privileges range from the freedom to falsely accuse men of rape with almost no consequence, immunity to the law in cases where the woman is abusive, and the freedom to use sex as a bargaining tool. This is how the attack on men, and indirectly the West, begins to form: the dehumanization of the male identity. This is illustrated in our society’s disregard for male domestic violence victims (only 1 recently opened shelter in the U.S. exists for male victims, versus 1,500 for female victims), a lack of attention in the media or anywhere else for male homicide (76%) and suicide victims (80%), a disheartening amount of unequal custody cases (only 7% of men obtain custody, while 13% is shared), the complete disregard for the fact that almost all workplace deaths (94%) and combat deaths (99.9%) are attributed to men, the fear of alimony, particularly for a child who isn’t biologically the father’s, the fear of being jailed or socially ostracized for a false rape or domestic violence allegation, and the fear of a legal system that presupposes men to be the aggressors in almost all cases. These are talking points of Men’s Rights activists, as you may well know, and I only seek to rehearse them to remind you that men are, quite clearly, the disadvantaged class in society. It doesn’t help that feminists have completely disregarded these statistics when talking about oppression, and it doesn’t help that a ‘men’s studies’ course simply doesn’t exist.

But you might ask how this affects Western civilization. I’ll be quite concrete on this: the demoralization and dehumanization of the male identity inevitably leads to the destruction of the family unit. 66% of divorces in this country are filed by women, and every divorce is another family severed. The destruction of the family unit ensures that the birthrate lowers, and in effect that fewer children raised in this country, with its values, are born. All first-world countries suffer from birthrate problems, particularly Japan and Germany, and the feminist agenda, which emphasizes the deviance from traditionalism, is in effect promoting the decline of Western civilization. What’s surprisingly important, also, is the emphasis on race: whites, which are obviously the majority in the U.S. and most of Europe’s best countries, are in great population decline. 17 states in the U.S. now suffer from the death rate for whites exceeding the birthrate, and Germany is facing their highest birthrate in 33 years – because of the arrival of 900,000 refugees. I don’t have to make any assumptions about race, but you have to agree with me that the civilized territories of the U.S. and Europe that we call ‘first-world’ are, and have always been, predominantly white, yet now we face an epidemic of white decline. Why is this happening? Could it be that the obsessive progressivism, the emphasis on diversity, and the constant disregard for men, not to mention the fact that women have become pickier, more judgmental, and ‘liberated’, all contribute now to an atmosphere of ‘white decline’? Could it be, in fact, that this is one of the reasons that 7/10 of male suicides in the U.S. are by white, middle-aged men?

We should note that the problem is how feminism, in this 3rd wave of its iteration, has devolved into a mindless mess, deconstructing the family with the further intention of deconstructing male and female gender roles entirely! This postmodern problem, which burdens not only feminism, but also the societal dynamics between men and women, has effectively made men afraid to do what they used to do to find girlfriends and wives – date. Dating culture has become impossible for men, seeing as the bare minimum for what constitutes “harassment” has been raised to incomprehensible levels, and because women have exceeded men in educational attainment and income. Simply put, men are afraid of being men, seeing as Western society has normalized making fun of manhood. The consequence of this is perilous: more men stay single, start reading about movements like MGTOW and the Red Pill, start growing cynical of women and the legal system, and many simply go into ‘monk mode’, rejecting women entirely. This hurts women too, you must know. If women can’t find a partner, they can’t settle down, and in effect they become miserable. Studies say that women have gotten more and more depressed over the last 30 years. This means that the attack on men is most definitely an attack on the family, and that is an attack on the West.

The contradiction surrounding feminism is that it offers women an offer that could only be understood through doublethink: you can be an independent, full-time working woman, while being a wife with kids. You can be happy as a liberated party girl, having sex with whomever, but you can also settle down whenever you’re ready. Your bad decisions have no negative implications, and can always be deflected as the source of a patriarchy that keeps women down. Women have essentially been told by feminism: you can have anything you want without sacrifice, we promise, as long as you blame it on the men. Feminism and its influence has also normalized abortion, one of the most blatant ‘miracle cures’ for women. You have to be worried when worldwide, 40-50 million babies are aborted annually. I’m not against abortion, but I’m not blind to the fact that abortion is one of the causes of severe population decline – furthermore, if a woman makes a bad decision, this is feminism’s way of saying “don’t you worry, sister!”

Not only this, but because of the pressurized discussions and fears surrounding women, emphasizing them as the victims of violence and rape, men have been lost in translation. Every time you mention the issue of circumcision, which is still a relevant issue, you’re hit with “but what about female genital mutilation?” Every time you talk about male rape and domestic victims, the reaction is indifference at best and outright indignation at worst. Men are trivialized, yet they are expected to do the hardest jobs and make the greatest sacrifices for even the most average woman. Look at any snippet of the Steve Harvey Show where women are asked about what they want in a man. They’ll give you as many things as they can think of, many of which are contradictory: ‘nice’ and ‘rough’, ‘dominating’ and ‘cooperative’, ‘funny’ and ‘serious’, etc. I’ve heard this firsthand. They can judge men on dates, make assumptions just off of how they look, and that will confirm their impression for an entire night. Furthermore, the men are almost always paying for these dates: according to a study of 17,000 people, 84% of men and 58% of women say that men pay for ‘most dating expenses’, even when the relationship has been going on for some time. This assumes some old-fashioned principles about chivalry that are clearly ‘positive sexism’ for the woman, yet feminists will never cry about that – nor would they cry about not being required for the draft or unequal representation in mining/construction/factory jobs.

And let us not forget the influx of migrant populations openly invading Europe, bringing with them a regressive, ultra-conservative, anti-woman ideology, and in turn abusing the women of countries like Germany and Sweden – while the native-born Germans and Swedes can all but watch, seeing as any rebellion against these migrants will result in their being jailed, or slandered as ‘islamophobes’, or the like. The men, in having their agency as men stripped, have their agency as ‘Germans’ and ‘Swedes’ stripped as well. Germany is particularly notable in this, as its national identity is forever tainted by Holocaust guilt. If you can shame men by shaming their ancestors, you’ll have achieved the greatest destruction of the male identity – we can similarly use slavery in shaming the American white male identity. Any entity that prevents men from protecting their home is effectively preventing them from being men, which prevents them from doing their moral duty. Men are, and always have been, the balancing act for Western nations, since only they can represent the might of a country in its totality. That is why, in my honest opinion, the attack on male identity is an attack on the West. And behold, this is true in countries as Japan and South Korea as well: dwindling birth rates, a dying dating culture, and effeminate, demoralized men (remember that Japan doesn’t even have a military). This is not an accident, then.

Thus, the way to reverse the damage done on the West is clear: encourage the white and Asian populations to reproduce, push for a nationalistic love of one’s country that emphasizes manhood and the male persona, neutralize the threat from invading populations, and embrace the family unit once again. We do not need more progressivism, either, for that is exactly what gives way to the continuous tension between men and women. We need to remind men that they are men, that they should be proud of themselves, that they are the only reason these nations continue to hold firm. We should also make an effort to promote men’s rights more often, and inform the feminists, particularly the academics, that the discussion surrounding women’s rights is outdated and obsolete. We need to bring back some level of traditionalism, at least in the dynamics between men and women. We must absolutely fix the broken legal systems in countries like the U.S. and the U.K., both of which unequally favor women and disrespect men. Most of all, we need to stop hating ourselves.

You might have gotten a strange impression from this article, and I admit that the way I phrased it could’ve been better. But we must be cognizant of this imminent and constant threat – it’s now or never.


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5 thoughts on “The Attack on Men and Western Civilization

  1. The problem diagnosed in a nutshell. But, alas, it is too little, too late. The feminist genie is not going back into the bottle. The only way to save the West is to deny women the vote, which is not going to happen.

    I, and the tens of millions of other men force fed through the gynocentric legal sausage grinder to satisfy a woman’s whim, have had the reality of society shoved up our asses in spades. What I learned is that there is no such thing as the rule of law. There are only Passion Plays in courtrooms where the outcome is predetermined regardless of pesky trivialities like fact and truth. I learned the Constitution, in practice, is as worthless as a prenup or soiled toilet paper.

    Our sons and nephews have seen first hand what was done to us by their mothers and aunts. They have made the rational decision not to place their health, wealth, and sacred liberty in the hands of a woman. In today’s legal climate, one would have to be insane to take such a risk and the young men are far from insane. They are making the sane decision that any organism does when it finds itself in a toxic environment – it flees.

    The modern man is left with a Devil’s bargain of choices. He can roll the dice in the relationship casino where, heads the house wins, tails he loses. He can fight the good fight and try to save his culture. If he does he will find himself unemployable, destitute, and likely imprisoned. Or he can go MGTOW.

    I have been a hardcore MGTOW ghost monk for 5-1/2 years now. Not by choice. I was once a hard working, tax paying, patriotic, tradcon. No more, since being the object of a legal Passion Play. Since ridding my mind of the shackles of myth regarding women, government, and society, I have never been happier or more at peace.

    I, and countless millions others, will not return to the plantation. We recognize that the die is cast and the end of Western civilization is nigh (Spengler and Unwin). I would rather make a drink, kick back, and enjoy the show from a beach chair than fight the jack booted thug police state enforcers of the feminist imperative and watch the show from the inside of jail cell (been there, done that, I hope it made her happy).

    So, its gonna burn. I don’t care It needs to. Cheers.

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      1. MeoSoul – What our detractors cannot, or will not, get through their thick skulls is that we neither hate nor fear women. What we do fear is the violence by proxy all women have at their fingertips to sic the police state on any man of her choosing, at any time, for any whim. Her cellphone is her weapon. The bullets are the digits 9-1-1.

        Relationships have become a weird menage-a-trois between a man, a woman, and the state. Marriage is a civil contract that has now been criminalized. Failure to make alimony or child support payments, even if the man does not have the money, is now criminal contempt of court. There is no other civil contract that can be criminalized with jail time or has the state determining the terms of the contract. Only an absolute lunatic would sign such a civil contract.

        The VAWA and its evil progeny have, in essence, superglued the muzzle of a pistol to the temple of every man in the Western world and given every woman permission, nay encouragement, to pull the trigger. There is too much of a wealth transfer incentive for the divorce/DV industries to ever be reformed and just like all industries, they need a steady supply of raw material. That raw material is men foolish enough to get into a relationship with a woman.

        The divorce/DV industries have become the equivalent of the war on drugs. The drug war will never be won because too many people in the government/legal communities feed at its trough. The same thing has happened to the divorce/DV industries. The documentary Divorce Corp. estimates that divorce is a $50B per year business. The VAWA is federally financed to the tune of $17B per year. Judges are financially incentivized by Title IV-D of the SSA code to strip the higher earning spouse, most always the man, of his children regardless of the circumstances. Follow the money, the list of divorce/DV parasites feeding on the wallets and bodies of men goes on and on and on.

        Such an insane social system cannot survive. The social contract has been broken. Men didn’t break it and they cannot fix it. The contract between citizens and government, the rule of law, has likewise been broken. Again, the men didn’t break it and they cannot fix it. Women and government see men as nothing more than prey animals. They both will loudly deny the foregoing sentence, but their actions scream it to be true.

        The only sane course of action for a man is MGTOW. It is all really quite simple. Cheers.


      2. I love it, man. You sound exactly like my favorite MRA’s and MGTOWs, though even more articulate in some ways. I can feel your suffering. I’m sorry if anything bad happened to you. This article goes out to you and everyone else who struggles!


      3. MeoSoul – Thank you for your kind words.

        My suffering, as intense and horrifying as it was, is over. Likewise, my struggles are over.

        The MGTOW journey is closely akin to the grieving process, with acceptance as the final step. I have described my experience, and the grieving process thrust upon me, as a forced march over broken glass on the highway to Hell. What (mental, emotional, and physical) had not been forcibly stripped from me I had to strip from myself and discard into the roadside ditches. In essence, fully digesting the Red Pill, the most difficult thing a man will ever do. I was reducing myself to what the YTer F!@#Guilt calls “Returning to Zero” (check out his 4-part series on the subject and my comments).

        I had always felt that MGTOW promised something more than “acceptance”. It does, and will deliver for the man with the courage to go all the way to the bottom of the rabbit hole. What I found at the bottom was both ultimately enlightening and depressing beyond words. At times, I wish I hadn’t explored so deeply. There are some things a man, or mankind, should not know. As much as I have tried to refute this knowledge, I cannot. It is too obvious in its blinding simplicity not to be the answer to the great questions of “why” and “how”.

        I now understand the mind of the monks of the past and those yet to come. The reason monks dwell in a world of peace and harmony is that they know things beyond the grasp of the vast majority of men. They try to pass this knowledge on, but those that refuse to see cannot be given sight nor those that refuse to hear comprehend the music of the universe.

        Have I completed the MGTOW journey? I think so, as I have no more questions. Everything in this world is easily understood when seen through the lens of the answers at the bottom of the rabbit hole. But, truthfully,having solved the mystery of all animal behavior, this world has become much less colorful. I now delight in the simple things – a sunrise, a sunset, the colors of nature. I reject the complex, because now I know there is no complexity – there is only the simple and never ending rhythm of the “why” and “how”.

        As MGTOW teaches, each man must find his own answer by going his own way. Peace and understanding are the rewards for the agony. I hope you have found your answer, and if not, then soon. Cheers, my MGTOW brother.


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