Mainstream Libertarianism is Leftism

Author- Michael Galka-Giaquinto

Over the past couple of years many libertarians have slowly migrated towards the alt-lite, alt-right, or broadly nationalist (which is where I would place myself) spectrum of politics.   The reasoning behind their political shift was that mainstream libertarianism was ineffective in fighting the left’s continuing encroachment on personal and economic life.  The reality is that mainstream libertarianism is fundamentally an anti-American, pro-degeneracy ideology designed to benefit the most elite segments of our society.

One of the problems with mainstream libertarianism is that it does not acknowledge the nation-state.  Despite the overwhelming evidence in regards to welfare overuse, terrorist activity, wage deflation, higher poverty, environmental damage, slower GDP growth, rise in sex crime, and enlargement of the state positively correlating with mass immigration in the United States and Europe, the Libertarian Party of the United States and mainstream libertarian organizations like FEE and CATO describe the nation-state as an “irrational” association, and not as a valid or free association.

That is completely false.   The basic flaw of libertarian philosophy is that humans can function as atomized autonomous individuals, but that is empirically untrue.  Take the example of the feral child.  The feral child is the curious phenomenon of a child raised away from civilization and often exhibiting animal like traits, along with an inability to reason in regard to basic values of sustainability, such as life, liberty, and property. The evidence of feral behavior in humans raised in the wild is overwhelming while the outcomes from children living in stable nuclear two-parent homes are consistently better than those coming from single-parent homes.  All of this suggests that an individual’s value is not arbitrarily decided by that individual or subject to the wind, but dependent on being raised within a stable two-parent home that is capable of inculcating a child with positive values.  Eventually that child can be married off to another member of the extended community, which is the basic building block of the nation.  The nation is then characterized by a common language, heritage, and even more importantly a common purpose that requires protection through a set of laws and standards in order to ensure the continuation of the nation, and by extension its values.

The fact that humanity is actually made rational by the family, and acquires their values from familial lines and preserves via the state enforcing basic moral, political and economic standards, suggests that libertarianism has much more in common with the globalist left, whose ultimate goal is a one-world “stateless” society where everyone is miraculously happy and equal and magically harmonized into a vague utopian ideal, unfettered by “oppressive” nuclear families, “restrictive” sexual norms, and “restrictive” drug laws.  Those leftist ideals are the only things the libertarian movement has actually accomplished.  Their denial of hard voting pattern data, group identities and norms, and familial breakdown resulting from the pro-choice, LGBT, and drug movements have contributed to the collapse of western birthrates, and the enlargement of the government, both of which are ultimately anti-libertarian (in the true sense) as they constrict our liberty.   However, the elites have benefited tremendously from cheap labor and an ever expanding welfare state supplementing their low-salaried immigrant workers needs.

In order to attain liberty one must be a nationalist and take a conservative position on social issues.  We all come from a family, have been socialized by a community, and  received protection for a future through the use of a state that ensures our fundamental right to life, liberty, and property.  Not all family lineages, or more broadly speaking, cultures possess the ideals Americans hold dear, and mass immigration has resulted in the erasure of those ideals, and because the immigrants largely  vote as identity blocs that often times result in Sharia policing, sanctuary cities, leniency of sex crime laws, welfare and social security fraud, and in especially outrageous cases, no-go zones where native born people are frequently told to avoid for their own safety (see the Geller Report for no-go zones in Europe).   The elites however, like the Koch Bros, benefit from the tax cuts and cheap labor.

If libertarianism results the ultimate erasure of freedom and the degeneration of culture and family (and the values of capitalism that were nurtured as a result of those strong families) it can only be described as a globalist leftism.


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