Stop Virtue Signaling

Author- William Baumgarth

The hottest political trend is telling everyone how “moral” you are.

Virtue signaling, is just as it sounds, telling and threatening people via media and violence, on how dedicated you are in regard to what you think is right. The left has weaponized virtue signaling and we see it everyday. From their slogans “love trumps hate,” or their Facebook statuses that read “we believe that men and women are equal!” the left wants you to know that they are really, really moral.

A problem I have with this is that they are usually advocating the obvious. What’s next, politicians and slackativists speaking out against cancer? I can see it now, “we are against cancer!” their signs will read.

The left’s problem is that they have created an imaginary enemy, and that is anyone to the political right of Bernie Sanders. When the left protests things such as gun violence and hold signs reading “gun violence must stop!” what are they actually accomplishing? There’s a a very small group of people that think that gun violence is okay, and for the ones that do, they don’t care about a silly sign.

The problem is that the left will not accept the notion that it IS a minute portion of the population that they are opposing. They have constructed a straw-man, a pro murder, nazi, minority hating, bigot, as a template for conservatives. This does not do the left any favors, instead it just widens the gap of misunderstanding.

What the left needs to understand is that people on the right to Bernie Sanders, do not support the things the left accuses them of supporting. In fact, the average individual wants a better life for all people. The people on the right, oppose democrats because their policies often worsen problems. People on the right do not oppose gun control measures because they want to see more murder, in fact, they oppose it because they want people to protect themselves from murderers.

My final example as to the failures of virtue signaling will be the “Earth Day” parades. It happens once a year, and virtue signalers from around the country gather to let the world know that they oppose what they destruction of the planet. But ironically what we see after these parades is streets littered with water bottles, and “pro-earth” cardboard signs. This shows that these people care more about appearing to care about the planet, than actually caring about the planet.

Virtue signaling will not only hurt the left’s cause, it will destroy them. As long as the left keeps up the illusion that they are the only living proof of morality, they will lose. They will lose because people will get tired of being seen as moral inferiors. They will lose because they use violence to intimidate and silence.


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