Progressives Are Killing The Democratic Party

Author- William Baumgarth

Progressives have overplayed their cards. They have not learned from the last election, and instead are accelerating their pace of lunacy.

Whether you like him or not, Donald Trump is a result of the progressive’s lunacy. But instead of toning their message down, and appealing to the average American, the progressives have shifted even farther left.

The average American is sick of being called evil. “Evil” to the progressives means not subscribing to every single ideal they have. The progressives think that they can scare people into thinking a sort of way. This might’ve worked in previous years, but eventually when you push too far, you get a push back.

Their ideas get more and more extreme as well. In recent weeks they wanted confederate statues taken down. A NPR poll found that 62% of Americans think that the statues should remain*. Yet the Democratic Party leadership, appealing to their progressive base, all support the statues being taken down. Not only do the progressives want confederate statues taken down, there have been calls to “destroy Mount Rushmore.”**

If the polls are as accurate as they were for the general election, we can believe the percentage of “remains” to be significantly higher. Perhaps the most shocking part of the Democratic party’s appeal to the progressives is that only 16 percent of the country self identifies as progressive.***

Rightfully so, the progressives are quite looney, and have been increasingly so for quite a while. Recently the sports network ESPN did not allow an asian man named Robert Lee to announce a football game because his name resembles that of the most famous confederate general, Robert E. Lee.

It only gets weirder as well, the progressive publication “Huffington Post,” published an article titled “An Open Letter To Gay, White Men: No, You’re Not Allowed To Have A Racial Preference,” where the author states that gay white men are not allowed to date people of their choosing.****

But perhaps the biggest ally to the destruction of the Democratic Party is the alt-left, progressive group, Anti-FA. Anti-FA imitates what they think the fascists are like, they wield baseball bats and silence people through intimidation and violence. They are known to use the dirtiest of tactics, including throwing piss at people they disagree with. A famous case of this dirty tactic is Lauren Southern having piss thrown at her by a member. Not only do they throw piss, they pepper spray, like they did to Gavin Mccinnes when he spoke and NYU and vandalize people’s houses, like they did to a Regis University student.*****

Any sane person can look at Anti-FA and say they’re unreasonable. Any rally they attend or “protest” ends up turning violent. They end up pushing people further right. Silence and intimidation are methods that actual fascists use, and not many are fond of fascists.

If the people speaking on your behalf, and the behalf of “justice” are vandals and piss throwers, you’re not going to attract the average American. These methods are not going to convince anyone on the right to convert, but it may convince many on the left.

If this is the group that the Democratic Party wants to pander to, they can be my guest. They’re doing more for the libertarian and conservative causes than they think. I say let these people continue with their antics, because at the end of the day they’ll have nobody but themselves and the diminishing democratic leadership.








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