The Death Of Free Speech

Author- William Baumgarth

Everyday liberals are trying to restrict and even destroy our constitutional rights. Years ago they had a fascination with trying to limit and destroy the second amendment. However, recent terrorist attacks all used vehicles as means to terrorize society. So while the liberals still want the second amendment taken away, they’re postponing this mission and are instead focused upon abolishing the first amendment.

Liberals think that the events that took place in Charlottesville occurred because of something they call “hate speech.” Hate speech is in the left’s view, racist speech, white supremacist speech, speech that marginalizes, or any speech that is meant to demoralize, degrade, victimize a specific group of people. More interestingly, hate speech is wanting a confederate, or any statue for that matter, to remain.

The left thinks that any form of speech listed above should be made unprotected, if not suppressed. It is worth noting that the Bill Of Rights is one of the few provisions that protect the individual from the government. When progressives want free speech limited, what they’re saying is that they want the government to dictate what is/isn’t acceptable speech. The problem with this is that the progressives HATE the current government, it’s a Republican run government, but then again, they don’t care, they trust a government that they hate more than they trust individuals.

All speech needs to be protected. Free speech gives us the rights to make our own choices. When you let the government limit free speech, all speech, not only the ones liberals don’t like is up for censorship. Today it will be racist speech that is banned, tomorrow it will be insults, and later on it will be speaking out against the government.

Liberals, I ask you to question your faith in the government. What happens if somebody other than “literally Hitler,” takes the highest seat in government. What happens if this somebody is a white supremacist? What happens if this white supremacist decides that advocating for transgender bathrooms should be illegal? It will be too late at this point, you’ve already opened the door to restrict undesirable speech.

I’m fairly confident that if the government was run by a Democrat, liberals would have no problem restricting speech that threatens the government. But as soon as a republican came into office they would be quivering in their boots. See liberals have a tendency to act upon emotion first, and then think later. This is precisely what happened when Obama used executive orders. First the left loved it, but as soon as Donald Trump started using executive orders they freaked out, even though they set the standard for it.

Speech is not violent, violence is violent. There is no such thing as violent speech. Either you’re saying something, or you’re acting upon it. Everyone has the right to free speech, nazis, fascists, communists, pedophiles, and murder advocates. They’re only committing a crime when they go and act upon that speech. By censoring them, you only embolden them. Since the left considers anyone to the right of Bernie Sanders a nazi, the left shouldn’t be too sure that the right won’t eventually think anyone to the left of Rush Limbaugh is a communist. They think their morality is too pure to be questioned, let alone censored, but they are wrong, this will bite them on the ass as much as it will anybody else.

The reason I say free speech is dying is because a prominent civil liberties group, the ACLU, has caved in to the censoring left, and decided that they will no longer protect the civil liberties of anybody who may be engaged in hate speech.

Our country was founded upon controversial principles, an anti-free speech America will no longer be America. So liberals, how long will it be until your free speech is censored.



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