Democrats Make The Poor, Poorer

Author- William Baumgarth

Democrats are masters at virtue signaling. They are constantly talking about how they are morally righteous, and sometimes we believe their nonsense. Apparently, if you say you’re good enough times, your actions don’t matter. And who’s to blame them? Actually doing things that will help the poor is a lot of work. It’s better just to say you’re helping the poor, but then actually hurt them when it comes to the policies you propose.

The first example I like to use as an example as to how virtue signaling policies can hurt the poor is the minimum wage. 15 dollars an hour for all seems like a great idea until you realize what actually happens when you implement such measures. The best case scenario is nothing. 15 dollars becomes the new 8 dollars because prices will rise. The worst case, and the usual case, is that low skilled workers are no longer able to find jobs. Employers don’t want to pay their employees nearly double the wages they were before, as a result people are laid off from their jobs, and never hired again. The Democrats love talking about wealth inequality, but the minimum wage laws actually increase wealth inequality between poor families. As some are laid off, others aren’t, and for the ones that aren’t laid off, they have to work much harder. This is a classical example of abuse.

Minimum wage also encourages teenagers to drop out of high school. You can make 15 dollars an hour without a high school diploma now? Count me in!

The left is also waging a battle on climate change. But all of the policies democrats have enacted to end climate change increase the prices of energy. Because poor people, well, have no money a large portion of their income goes towards energy. By making fossil fuels illegal, they are forced to use more expensive “greener” energies. As a result, even more of their income goes towards energy, making them poorer. Fossil fuels are still the cheapest way to get energy. Either way, the free market would solve the problem eventually, as alternative energies are getting cheaper. By not letting people use fossil fuels now, they are hurting the most vulnerable.

With excessive taxation the left is also making the poor, poorer. Higher business taxes means that less small businesses are opened. Small businesses give poor people jobs. By having less of them, you are giving less higher paying employment opportunities to the poor.

With labor laws such as paid parental leave, and mandatory paid vacation, the Democrats are once again, taking wealth out of the hands of the poor. If I, as a business owner know that I have to give you mandatory paid leave, I won’t hire you if you’re young. How am I supposed to know you won’t have a kid or get pregnant? I am a small business owner after all, I can’t afford to pay my employees if they aren’t working.

Environmental justice policies mean that buildings can only be built on certain land, in certain areas. That means that less land is available, and land becomes scarce. By doing this, you are raising the cost of housing. Poor people don’t have much money to spend, so when you increase the prices of housing, you are doing them no justice.

By encouraging locally grown foods via school lunch programs (as leftists do), all we do is raise the costs of food for the poor. Local farmers are terribly inefficient in comparison to large-scale farmers. Their food is lesser in quantity, and to make up for this, they raise their prices. Organic and locally grown foods are not significantly healthier than mass grown variations.

All in all, democratic policies do not only hurt the most vulnerable, they hurt middle class people and business owners. Sometimes policies that sound well-intentioned on paper, are actually horrible in practice.


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