Do You Really Need A Semi-Auto?

Author- Right Pragmatist

In 2013, while a flood had severely damaged the Canadian city of High River, Alberta, a group of RCMP officers broke down the doors of 105 homes, and seized 609 firearms, while citizens were evacuated. None of these members of law enforcement reported these seizures to the courts, as they were legally obligated to do. If you think this sounds less like the protection of property rights and more like an agenda of disarmament, you’re probably on the right track.

It’s likely that the vast majority of the world doesn’t see Canada as having a gun culture – this is more of America’s claim to fame. However, according to, it’s actually 12th in the world for private ownership. It sounds like a country that would value the self defence of their citizens, until you go down the rabbit hole of certification. That is, certification to be able to own a rifle, another certification to buy ammo (in some provinces), and of course, certification to own a “restricted” weapon (a classification which ranges from handguns to any gun that looks scary to your average social democrat).

Canadians are unable to take sidearms into the bush, by default. You may pay for yet another certification (see the pattern?) to carry one in the wilderness, but if it doesn’t relate to your career, forget it. If it does, you can still probably forget it – the grizzly coming at you in rural Yukon will pass you by. Don’t even dare think about conceal carry, you usually need to get attacked first. If you do, it’s your fault for having worked or lived in an area that was so crime ridden, wearing those clothes and enticing criminals to attack or rob you.

Wait, that narrative is ringing a bell. Never mind.

The home of maple syrup fraud and slow health care doesn’t have the constitutional equivalent of America’s right to bear arms. We had no risk of tyranny upon Confederation – our separation from Britain was gradual and amicable. Its bill of rights essentially consists of, “you can say most things, until we put a bill in parliament to deter you,” and, “the government has no business in the bedrooms of the nation.” While the latter is probably conducive to individual freedoms, you can see where many of citizens’ rights become grey. The legislature is far more concerned with keeping close tabs and exact numbers of how many firearms are in the hands of the people through a registry (oh, don’t worry, that’s just for “restricted” weapons now. Joy!).

If the laws were just the laws, citizens might have a chance at progress and making active change in urging more Conservative Party members into parliament, and getting things amended. But that same RCMP, who stole the lawful possessions from over 100 homes in High River when people were at their weakest and most dire, will enforce those regulations on their own terms. Who cares if this magazine was created for a cute, little .22 calibre rifle? It can fit in this pistol – we think its illegal. Who cares if it’s 35 degrees Celsius in the middle of July, and you were dying of thirst? You stopped for a drink with your AR-15 in the car, completely locked and out of public eye – you could have been on your way to shoot up a school.

Oh wait. Somebody already did. With a completely non-restricted, legally obtained weapon, by someone who hated women and had a mental disorder. The very things the system claims to deter. Good thing personal responsibility is completely irrelevant, otherwise you’d have to blame the guy who did it!


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