Illegal vs Legal Immigration

Author- Paul McCrary

First let’s clear something up Illegal Immigrants are criminals whether it’s intentional or unintentional. How? When someone illegally crosses the border, they are breaking the law and that’s what a criminal does. It doesn’t make it ok to justify your actions by saying you did it for a better life, so you should go through the legal processes just like every immigrant is required to do.

Do I think the wall help with illegal immigration? Possibly but not likely.

Why? We still have illegal immigrants from Europe, Asia etc. and they can’t be stopped by a wall.

How do we fix illegal immigration then? Immigration reform (through the RAISE Act), Deport Illegal Immigrants (If children are involved then it will depend on the age if they are sent back or night), and Repeal the amendment granting full citizenship rights to anyone that is born in America to non-American parents.

What is the RAISE Act? Simply put, this act will make immigration process easier to those who are more qualified. By qualified I mean through education, job opportunities, English skills, criminal background etc. This bill was sponsored by Sen. Cotton (R-AK) and Sen. Perdue (R-GA) to make sure immigrants are going to contribute to society. Systems like this are applied in countries like Canada and Australia.

Ok so why do we need to control illegal immigration? It costs money to have a lot of illegal immigrants in this country. Look at it this way most illegal immigrants (50%-60%) come from the country of Mexico and additional 10-25 percent come Central and South America. Most children that comes to this country do not know how to speak English. This requires schools to hire ESL teachers (and for schools that have them already may have to hire more of them) to teach these kids how to speak English. This will cost schools money that can go to pay raises for teachers, classrooms, after-school programs, etc. Schools are already low on funds and we shouldn’t expect them to pay the extra price because our government won’t fix and/or enforce the law.

This leads into my last issue and that is those who criticized Latin Trump supporters such as myself. I was born as an American citizen and my family came to America under the Wet Foot, Dry Foot Policy. My family will not be deported just because we are Cubans, but since that policy is gone illegal Cuban immigrants will now be deported. Now why is misconception still there? Who knows but I believe we should learn what the prefix il- means.


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