Liberal Propaganda In The Public Schools

Author- William Baumgarth

This story is going to be a personal one. I understand that experiences differ, especially when it comes to education. However, I am not exaggerating or making up any of the stories included.

For some background, I attended public school in New York from the first grade all the way to the twelfth.

I did not get my first dose of liberal propaganda until I was in fourth grade, but that year I got a lot of it. My fourth grade teacher was a heavy set woman in her early forties, but most importantly she was an avid environmentalist and liberal. I did not realize that what she was spewing was nothing short of liberal propaganda, and this is because I was only 9 or 10 at the time. But when I got older, I got more political and then I realized.

First of all the class had to participate in these environmentalist activism activities. We had to do little songs about saving the earth. We learned that the glaciers were doomed, and how all the polar bears were going to die. Hell, we even learned that we have to use fluorescent lightbulbs, because if we didn’t the earth was going to die along with all of the people on it. I still remember the song she used to play all the time “reduce, reuse, recycle.” She played it so much, the tune still appears in my head sometimes. I’ll link it at the bottom.

She used to tell us things such as “the republicans are for the high class, and the democrats are for the middle class.” One time she even told us who she would like to become president (this was around 2008). I can remember her words. “Well I like Barack Obama, but he isn’t that experienced and I don’t know that much about him. I’m personally going to vote for Hillary. Oh, but I don’t only like democrats, I think John McCain is an excellent candidate even though I don’t like everything he says.” She then went on to say how exciting the 2008 presidential election was because we “are either going to have the first black president or the first woman president.”

Funny thing is she was spot on, no way a republican was going to win that year. And it was a common mindset at the time from what I can remember.

Heres where things went from super propaganda to extreme propaganda however. She was planning to show the class Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth.” I got home to tell my dad all of my new global warming message, and told him that she was going to show the film the next day in class. My dad was furious, so much so that he called her to tell her what he thought. The rest of the class watched the film, but I sat out and I couldn’t figure out why my dad was acting in what I thought to be an incorrect manner.

Most of the fourth grade days were spent having auditorium meetings about global warming. I was honestly convinced the planet wouldn’t be around for five more years after the year was done.

Flash forward to middle school, Obama was elected and we all had to watch his various speeches on immigration, global warming, and education. I even remember one of the teachers behind me with nothing short of glimmer in her eyes saying “isn’t he great?”

The propaganda slowed down until I got into high school U.S history. I learned a lot in the class no doubt. However my teacher was nothing short of a horrible human being. We were studying presidents and had reached LBJ. He puts on a documentary which explains how LBJ was elected. The documentary said that LBJ, a hero, was running against Goldwater, a terrible racist. That’s when I realized that the class was basically just watered down, oversimplified bullshit.

Despite my awareness of the propaganda, I did well in the class, very well. Scoring 100s on every single test. My teacher loved me, I was the star student after all, I participated, and killed the exams. One day my teacher says “hey what are your political views?” I said “isn’t it kind of obvious?” He had a smile on his face, “you’re a liberal aren’t you?” I responded stupidly with a “no, I’m actually libertarian.”

I saw that smile turn into disappointment. He hated me from that point on. He couldn’t stand my guts. He was so mad that he actually stopped talking to me! I would try to ask him something about homework, and he would pretend that he couldn’t hear me! It was a mess. This hatred translated onto my grades as well, I got two 95s the first two marking periods. The last two I got 85s, not because of my work, but because that’s how much he would deduct for “not participating.”

My conclusion is as such: I was raised to become a liberal. I was supposed to be a liberal, that’s what everyone was expecting. It’s a miracle that I’m actually on the right, it was through my own judgement and common sense that I am. I can’t say the same for my peers however, they were raised to become liberals and became liberals. It is not right that they never had an opportunity to see another view. This is not acceptable.



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One thought on “Liberal Propaganda In The Public Schools

  1. Reminds me a lot of my experiences as well. When I learned about environmentalism, maybe in 3rd grade, or so, I came home and was pretty frantic to my dad about recycling. I looked around, and thought “We don’t have a recycling bin! What are we going to do?” And I freaked out to my dad because I was scared, and, thankfully, he pretty much just ignored me. I was still pretty anxious about being green until I finally accepted “We don’t have a bin. I don’t care about this shit anymore.”

    The way that I ignored global warming is quite interesting, personally. My previous “creationism” made me ignore science. Even the good ones. Didn’t matter the science: when it was taught, I did the equivalent of singing “Amazing Grace” in my head until the lesson was over. Weird. Embarrassing. But it’s over now, thank God.

    I was also a socialist until 2008 (Ron Paul, of course). I didn’t know much of anything other than “CEOs get paid too much” and the government should regulate businesses. My only economic “knowldege” was overhearing ABC and CBS news say how much money such and such CEO should make, and I become unbearably envious. And I was like that until around 2008, when I had some epiphanies: mainly, that being as envious and angry as I was wasn’t making me a damn dime. “Why do we need to make money? Why do we need jobs?” And then, I began studying economics. Best decision I’ve ever made in my entire life.


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