Legalize Heroin

Author- William Baumgarth

Heroin is a deadly, potent, and slightly psychedelic opiate. It has torn families apart, and ruined lives. Heroin is also among the most addictive substances known to man. It is derived from the poppy plant, and synthesized using opium.

Although heroin is awful and deadly, I believe it should be legalized. The first reason being that most of the overdoses attributed to heroin, come from the fact that it is illegal. Drug dealers work in a competitive market. They are always trying to have the strongest drugs because stronger drugs bring in more business. If their drugs are weaker than the competitors, they risk losing clientele.

Drug dealers, as a result, want to have the most powerful drugs they can. This is done by having purer product. If the product is more pure than the addict anticipates, he could easily overdose. Heroin has been getting purer and purer as the years go by. What a lot of dealers do now is cut their heroin with an even more potent opiate known as fentanyl.

Fentanyl is exponentially stronger than heroin is.  As a result, heroin cut with fentanyl is much stronger than heroin alone. A lot of people have died, because they injected heroin that was cut with fentanyl.

If heroin were legalized, stores could sell heroin and label it’s purity and weight. Doing such would lower the amount of overdoses, because the user would know exactly how much heroin is in the package he/she was just sold.

Another reason heroin should be legalized is because drug dealers are often funding other nefarious activities with the money they receive from heroin. The drug cartels are almost completely funded by heroin alone, and they are involved in activities such as gang violence, and human trafficking. By legalizing heroin, you are cutting off a major stream of revenue from them, leading to the collapse of gang violence, and human trafficking.

Some may say that by legalizing heroin, more people are going to be willing to try it. I disagree, there are already many legal ways for a person to get high, such as paint thinner, and computer dusters, but the majority of people would never touch it.

I believe most importantly that heroin should be legalized because doing heroin is not a real crime. You are not causing to harm to anyone besides yourself. I believe that people have an obligation and responsibility to select what can go into their bodies. I believe that the majority of people are smart enough not to poison themselves. I don’t believe anyone should be allowed to tell you what you can and can’t do, unless you are harming others.

I believe that the companies that sell the heroin should be under a personal moral obligation to donate at least 25% of their profits to treatment centers and programs. I believe that people should not buy from a company unless they do that. Of course this wouldn’t be required however.

So let’s legalize heroin because of the safety of the addicts, the destruction of criminal organizations, and the virtue of self responsibility.


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