Democrats and Republicans are Both For Bigger Government

Author- William Baumgarth

Will the size of the state ever actually decrease? From the looks of it, it never will. Everyday there’s a new reason to give the government more responsibility and more power.

The Democrats are not afraid to tell you that they are big government advocates. In a Democrat’s worldview people are stupid, irresponsible creatures that need to be told what to do. Whenever a problem occurs, a Democrat is sure to find a reason as to why the government should get involved. The reason the Democrats were so heartbroken about the election is because government is their god, and their god this time around was someone they disliked.

Democrats believe that the government can fix all and every problem. And while the majority of them may believe that the government is incompetent, that doesn’t stop them from assigning it new jobs everyday. They are advocates for an ever-expanding welfare state. Can’t afford a cellphone? The government will pay for it. Can’t afford a house in an exclusive neighborhood? The government will pay for it. Can’t afford the internet? The government will pay for you.

I wonder what it is that the Democrats think that the government can’t do, because they think the government can do anything.

The Republicans I expect better from. The only reason that they’re elected is to combat the Democrat’s want for an expanding state, and welfare state. More often than not, however, the Republicans want the state to grow in size as well. Republicans are too afraid to take away welfare programs. So once a welfare program is implemented, it is impossible to take away. Let’s look at Obamacare for instance. Instead of just repealing the program, Republicans want to replace it.

Republicans fall into the same trap that Democrats do so often that it is sickening. They are both the pro-war parties. Nobody cares about meaningless wars anymore, it has become something of a norm. While they may not be the ones implementing welfare programs, they are for sure not scared to spend the public’s money in meaningless ways either. Some things that Republicans like to spend money on include dropping missiles in Syria, and increasing the military budget, which is already absurdly high.

Republicans love big government, but they have different reasons as to why. While the Democrats more or less, are trying to help people (I use this term very lightly) at least in theory, Republicans like to use money to punish people. For instance, they advocate for surveillance programs, a bigger police state, the never ending war on drugs etc.

Republicans use a smaller state as a front. They promise to reduce regulations, but they never get to it. They promise to not increase the size of the welfare state, but then they concede to the Democrats. They promise lower taxes, but then when it’s time to get to lowering the taxes they claim that it will hurt the budget. Do you ever see them get behind actual small government advocates such as Rand Paul? Never.

Neither side has a problem subsidizing programs that they like. Neither side has a problem using money in irresponsible ways, because it’s not their money. Both sides are fine with bailing out big banks and corporations that make bad business decisions. Both sides are only interested in saying what will win votes, and then embarking on their own missions once they get elected into office. They both love sending our tax dollars overseas to corrupt countries that split it between their leaders. Both are pro war chicken hawks who spend OUR money on wars that we DON’T want. They are two sides of the same coin.

We need Republicans like Rand Paul, people who have proven track records to be pro small government, and vote as such. The words that come out of someone’s mouth are different than the actions he takes.


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