Shots Fired On Gun Rights

Author- AnarchyMoon

Anytime there is a major shooting, the gun debate flares up like an old wound. It seems the arguing will never end, both sides with irreconcilable differences in belief. While we may disagree, that does not mean we cannot understand each other. For Libertarians, such as myself, our stance on gun control is as simple as being alive. You never know who, where, or when an attack on your life may happen and having a gun can make all the difference between survival or death. It serves as a major deterrent at times and a way to de escalate situations if handled properly.

There will always be people with guns, even if that is solely the police or armed forces. They are people too. If you take away the ability to have a gun, you give complete power to the government and take away a major asset in surviving. You’ve created a world of oppression which gives advantage to the aggressor. So what about the amount of deaths from guns? Aren’t you in MORE danger? While those statistics fail to account for lives saved with guns, clear comparisons with high gun ownership, and resultant decrease in other forms of murder, it can be argued you are statistically less safe.

To a Libertarian, where freedom means everything, statistics are as useful as piss in a can. Who cares if other people go crazy and shoot up movie theaters? I’m not insane and that’s why I need to have a gun on me. My ownership of a gun only makes me more safe, not others in danger. Why? Because as an individual I am not representative of a statistic. In a shooter situation, I’d want a gun to defend myself not regulation which tries to create situations without guns. You cannot account for every situation that may pose a threat, life is fragile and the tools we use to live can easily be turned into tools of violence. Instead of declawing the entire population (except for those who work for the government…) it’s more important to be able to handle and defend yourself no matter what situation you find yourself in.

It’s not about a safer world. It’s about a safer life knowing I have the tools and ability to defend myself to the fullest extent. To take away your guns is to tie your arms together and throw you to the lions. It is to suffer an abuse to your rights and your preservation. Even in Vegas you don’t want to take a gamble on safety. Of course no one is going to willingly embrace a death sentence like gun control.


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