Fascism Is A Leftist Ideology

Author- Maria Santana

**Inspired by Dinesh D’Souza’s video for think tank PragerU. Here is the link provided below and the the title of the video is ‘Is fascism left or right’.**


When one mentions communism, the ideology is tied to Karl Marx. The same applies to capitalism and Adam Smith. But there is usually no clear name associated with the founding of fascism. Why is that so?

During and after the 2016 presidential election, people were misinformed with fascism. Find a millennial or someone from Generation Z and ask them what fascism. They will likely pull out their smartphone and the resulting Google search will provide a wrong definition. Why is that?

Every Republican president since the mid 1970s in the United States had been labeled a fascist. Even today President Trump is being labeled a fascist. I have never felt as if I were a character in an Orwellian novel. Clearly we are not currently living in a fascist state.

You may not know his name but you know his ideology. Giovanni Gentile, born in 1875, is the founder of fascism. It can be strongly contested that his name has been deliberately erased from history. Gentile was an admirer of Marx. He believed that a community is like a family. This represents the typical unity and togetherness always promoted by the political left.

Want evidence? At the 1984 Democratic National Convention former Governor of New York State Mario Cuomo said ‘America is like an extended family’. In 2012 at the DNC the slogan was ‘government is the only thing we ALL belong to.’

According to Gentile, there are two kinds of democracies – liberal and true. He thought that liberal democracy in the United States was individualistic. It was too centered on liberty and personal rights and therefore selfish. True democracy, as preferred by Gentile, must make a society as whole completely subordinate to the state.

Fascism was considered to be the best form of socialism by Gentile. The reason he thought this is he believed that fascism appeals to nationalism and class. Nazi Germany is an example of this where nazi means national socialists in German.

In fascism there is no difference between private and public interests. The administrative arm of the country would be the state. There has to be a societal submission to the state not just economically but in all aspects. How one should think or feel is included. Sound familiar?

In the United States, the state is involved in healthcare, banking education and energy. This is all thanks to the progressive left who support centralized government. The involvement of the state in those private matters show not only its robust growth of central government but also its power on limiting individual rights. This happened after the New Deal programs were passed during the global depression.

The reason Giovanni Gentile is not a widely known name in universities in the United States and the Western world is because he is purposefully excluded from political conversation. Many historians in the West that have liberal tendencies always associate fascism as right wing. For the political left to acknowledge the existence of Gentile would be for them to accept that they are the true themselves. So the next time you see Anti-fa with their holier than thou attitudes protesting fascism, remind them that they ought to protest against themselves.


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