LibertyChant at March For Life

Author- Maria Santana

The 45th annual March for Life was held on Friday, January the 19th in Washington, D.C. The date is significant since it marks the anniversary of Roe v. Wade case.  The landmark Supreme Court decision legalized abortion in the United States 60 million pregnancies had been terminated.

For the LibertyChant website, I had written three articles covering the abortion topic. The first was exposing the Roe v. Wade case as a fabrication by the progressive left to legalize abortion. Another article was on the stance of President John F. Kennedy on abortion. Although Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, his influence was felt in the Roe v. Wade since Supreme Court Justice Roberts voted no on the abortion issue. Finally my most recent article I had written on abortion covered Iceland’s eugenecist medical system  that is persuading women to abort fetuses afflicted with Down Syndrome.

A few hours before the March for Life, I was checking out of the hotel in the lobby. As I was chatting with the employees from the hotel, I heard a lot of sirens and turned my head. To my surprise it was a huge motorcade like I had never seen before. The receptionist said that it was President Trump.

It comes as no surprise that Trump was in the nation’s capital that day because he was scheduled to speak at the March for Life. Not only is he the first American president to be pro-life but also to speak at the event.

I walked from my hotel to the National Mall. To my surprise it was a beautiful warm day for the month of December. While walking I encountered and spoke to many people on their way to the march. Many came from different groups, family, friends or members of many organizations to raise awareness of the abortion issue. I saw a lot of children. While standing near the National Monument, I met two young women. I asked one of the women why she was marching. Her response was because she was adopted and her biological mother considered aborting her.

We engaged in conversation about abortion while waiting for the march to start. The talk included mentioning of Planned Parenthood and Margaret Sanger. Many on the left refuse to acknowledge that she was a eugenecist. The primary documents are in the National Archives in D.C. demonstrate this.

Then President Jeanne Mancini of the March of Life organization spoke and then President Trump. When he spoke I noticed the mixed reactions of the people in the crowd.

The crowd ranged from all ages and it was quite diverse. I saw a lot of Christian groups and organizations from the United States and around the world. I met a group of pro life women from Bolivia. Their presence was not solely to fight abortion but to raise awareness of the dangers of socialism. I saw representatives from Human Life International, a pro-life organization.

I saw all kinds of signs ranging from straightforward to graphic. There were signs ranging from stop abortion to the most based ones where legalization of abortion was a form of population control. Some of the posters showed that there were people who were conceived from rape and those who regretted their abortion. Some of the posters showed images of dismembered fetuses and one of a fetus holding the tool that was going to be used to take its life. There was a video and sound playing of a fetus about to be killed.

During the march, I saw arguments and debates between Christian groups. It was a hilarious sight. Once we marched from the National Mall to the steps of the Supreme Court, we marchers heard speakers.

Some of these speeches were heartbreaking to hear. A lot of people that are pro-life are more concerned with the fetus. That is understandable given that they are voiceless and defenseless. Yet focus on the mother is often shunned. Many women who undergo the abortion procedure experience a wide range of issues. The speakers demonstrated this through their stories of how abortion had damaged them as a person.

Another issue on pregnant women deciding to have an abortion is the role of the father. What if the father does want the child to exist? I saw a lot of pro life men in the march and wondered what was their story.

After the march, all I can do was sigh and think wow. I was speechless. I realized that I had changed as a person. The march, speeches, conversations, sights and smells will be unforgettable.

I had been to D.C. before but this time it was different. I was alone and enjoyed my freedom. It felt amazing to be amongst a group of people who felt the same way as me. I knew from the moment I departed to DC that my Christian faith was going to shine.


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2 thoughts on “LibertyChant at March For Life

  1. A very intriguing read, I go to a Catholic university and many people here went to the March. I considered it but thought “what’s the point,” nothing will change. But reading this article makes me think that maybe I should have. I’m glad you had to have such an interesting experience and thanks for writing this!!!!


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